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Excel Fashion School Classes and Fees

Excel Fashion School is a professional fashion design training center with modern techniques of teaching people.We train you in professional dressmaking using Pattern Drafting techniques to achieve the best fit. Excel Fashion School guarantees you individual attention as we have classrooms for any level. We offer 100% practical based training courses in Pattern Drafting and Professional Sewing Techniques in a conducive learning environment. Our instructors are highly skilled and employ international teaching systems in giving practical hands-on experience to students.
Our courses are suitable for individuals with no experience and for those with experience who are desirous of updating their skills with modern techniques.
Weekday and Weekend options are available.
Weekdays —Female Garment Class —Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays 9am -1pm (morning session) 3pm -6pm (Evening session)
Male Garment Class —Tuesdays/Thursdays 9am -1pm (morning session) 3pm -6pm (Evening session)
Weekends —- Male and Female Garment Class -Saturdays Only for 5months on Male clothing is 50K , Female clothing is 80K.

Registration fee is 5K
.Training fee for 3 Months :Female clothing class is 50K, Male clothing Class is 30K. 
Training fee for 6 Months :Female class is 100K, Male Class is 60K.

Executive class for 3 months is 100K and 6months is 180K(This one on one teaching)apply to female clothing class alone.

Corset Bridals for wedding and dinner gowns for 2 months is 40K. for more information call 08110133999

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